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How much does each package cost?

I offer value based pricing, which means I create custom pricing structures based on the value each client will receive from the project. For example, a Personal Trainer marketing to a local audience would not receive as much value out of their logo as a large corporation marketing nationwide. Therefore, it would be unfair to charge the Personal Trainer the same rate as the corporation! When pricing your project I will consider your business size and type, design placement, etc, to create a proposal for you. No matter your budget, I encourage you to reach out to see how I may be able to help. Even if I am unable to offer a complete package, I am happy to scale down my offerings as needed and will do my best to meet your financial needs. Additionally, I offer flexible payment plans to make my packages as accessible as possible. Contact me to discuss this further and receive a custom proposal!

Do I really need to start with a Brand Styling package? Can I just skip straight to the Logo Design?

While you can of course skip straight to logo design (it’s your business and your call!) I would strongly encourage you to consider starting off with a Brand Styling package. I say this based on personal experience. When my family opened Bloom Yoga in 2010, we knew absolutely nothing about branding. I didn’t even know what the word “brand” meant and certainly didn’t think it applied to a small and humble business such as my own. We had a quick logo designed by a friend and opened up shop.


As the business grew though, this lack of intentional branding resulted in inconsistencies and loss of income. We didn’t know who our target market was or where to find them, which meant we were wasting our precious, hard earned dollars on ineffective ads. We didn’t know what we stood for or what our brand values were, which meant our messaging was inconsistent and our social media was totally uninspired. We didn’t know how to educate our staff about our brand, which meant we had a high turnover rate and staff members who weren’t in alignment with our vision.


Fast forward a few years later, when we finally wised up and learned the art of branding. We invested time into studying our target clientele and developed a cohesive brand. Within the first year of doing this our revenue went UP 20 PERCENT while our advertising costs went DOWN dramatically. Our entire business became more profitable, memorable, and successful because of our investment into branding. So yes, you can skip the branding and go straight to logo design. But trust me when I say that investing thought and care into your brand is worth its weight in gold, and my Brand Styling packages will help you do just that!


All that being said, there are some instances when skipping straight to logo design is appropriate–for example, if you already have a strong brand identity in mind and simply need a logo to complement it, or if you’ve already worked with another brand consultant and now need a graphic designer to execute the design. If this is the case, please reach out to me, and I’d love to work with you!

I’m still not sure I get it. What exactly is branding?

Your brand is essentially your reputation as a business. In other words if your business were a person, how would that person be described? Are they cool and sophisticated? Young and bubbly? Bohemian and natural? Most importantly, would your target market like that person and want to be their friend? Every single thing that a business does (or does not) do is shaping its personality, reputation, or brand. This process begins the moment that a consumer learns about the business, and continues throughout every teeny tiny interaction they continue to share.


So, for example–let’s say you search “yoga studios near me” on google. A few listings come up. You click the first listing and are redirected to their website. You briefly scroll through and absorb the colors, the look of the site, the photos. You are now IMMEDIATELY (both consciously and subconsciously) making snap judgements about whether or not you like this studio. You’re judging the look of the logo, you’re judging the colors and layout of the site, you’re deciding whether or not it seems welcoming, whether it’s friendly to beginners, how professional it seems, how clean it is, etc.. And the crazy part is, you decided ALL OF THIS without ever stepping foot inside the studio space. In fact, studies show that it only takes 7 seconds for a consumer to make a purchasing decision based on visuals alone. This is how powerful branding is. Your website, your logo, your social media, your colors, ALL of it is telling a story. My goal is to help you tell that story intentionally, rather than allowing it to tell itself haphazardly. 


Okay, I’m ready for my branding experience! How do I get started?

Reach out to me here and let’s connect! We’ll start with a brief phone call to discuss your needs and make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Next, I’ll provide you with a custom proposal. If the proposal is agreeable, you’ll make your initial deposit and sign your contract and we’ll be on our way towards a beautiful brand!

Do you offer other design services besides brand styling, logos, and websites?

Absolutely! If you can dream it, I can design it. I've worked on newsletters, restaurant menus, package design, posters, t-shirt designs, and much more. Reach out to me and let's bring your design ideas to life!


Do you offer support for website designs once the site is published?

I build my sites through a user friendly “drag & drop” platform, which means that no coding is required and it’s simple for my clients to maintain and edit their sites upon publishing. That being said, I am happy to offer ongoing support for your website!
I usually approach this on a per project basis and can provide you with rates as needed. Or, if you anticipate the need for extensive ongoing edits I am happy to offer a monthly rate for continued support. Contact me for more details and let’s discuss your needs!

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